Japan Asset Advisors


President’s message

Recent advances in technology are disrupting accepted theories, overturning basic concepts of space and time, and revolutionizing our lives.
In the industrialized world, huge IT companies mainly from the US are dominating markets, and startups with new technologies are reshaping the future.
Japan cannot escape their powerful influence and is working day and night in every industry to develop new services using the latest technologies.

However, it cannot be said that such efforts are progressing in the Japanese real estate industry.
Our company has closely observed the progress of real estate services employing the latest technologies in the US, the world’s leading IT nation.
In recent years, we have promoted direct investment in some of the more attractive of these US companies and ideas.
We are also assisting one of these companies in its preparations to launch operations in Japan.

We hope our efforts will support progress in real estate technology and real estate industry growth both in the US and Japan.

Our business

  • Investment

    We find US companies and organizations with attractive real estate technologies and ideas and directly invest in them independently or in collaboration with major investors in Japan.

  • Management

    We supervise, manage and advise investees to ensure stable business operations and periodically report the status of their business activities to investors.

  • Consultation

    When US companies and organizations with attractive real estate technologies and ideas launch operations in Japan, we support their development as a joint venture company or project advisor.

Company Profile

Japan Asset Advisors Co., Ltd.i
3-3-4 Kanda-Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0045GoogleMaps
November 2005
Capital fund
80 million yen
Board member
  • President & CEO  Kazuhiro Minami
  • Managing Director Mitsunori Uesugi